Sunday, September 22, 2013

a graceful welcome to autumn

wise words from ms. anne lamott paired with a mosaic in the lake oswego public library

The past couple months have been a time of transition for me. Moving to a new city has been excitement, nerves, happiness, and challenge all rolled into one. 

Change is most definitely never easy. 

And now with autumn upon us, signs of change are all around - the leaves changing color, the cooler temperatures, the desire to stay home snuggled under a blanket (yes please!). This season is about gathering and so it felt appropriate to create this space where I can gather my thoughts, my inspirations, and things that I love and then share them with others. You can expect quotes, pretty pictures, some good music, and maybe even a yoga sequence or two. 

I hope you welcome this season of fall with open arms (and maybe a pumpkin spice soy latte or two)!

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