Friday, October 18, 2013

desire to inspire: full moon edition

october's full moon is also known as the hunter's moon - this is the time of year that we are hunting and gathering what we'll need to carry us through the winter months to come. to celebrate this full moon, i've pulled together some inspiration for you to enjoy.

along with the full moon, a lunar eclipse will be happening tonight. even though most of us in the states won't be able to see the eclipse, we can still enjoy this gorgeous depiction of a lunar eclipse. or you can snatch up these leggings from etsy for a yoga practice while the moon is rising. bonus - they glow in the dark!

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if glow-in-the-dark leggings aren't you thing, you can still wear a subtle reminder of the eclipse with species by the thousands' elegant cuff. or enjoy the tranquility of this metallic art print during a seated meditation or yin practice.

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maybe you feel a shift in your energy (or sanity) around the full moon - embrace that need for play! i love how many houses in my neighborhood have swings hanging from trees in their front yards and you better believe i'm going to be swinging in the moonlight tonight! wear this super soft tee from soul flower throughout the month to remind you to give in to your inner wild child.

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you can wear this full moon pendant to carry the vibrancy and energy of the full moon when you review your intentions and goals for the month. it's hard to believe that november is right around the corner. now's the time to cut out what hasn't been working and to recommit to any intentions that may have fallen to the side. grab your calendar (or print one out for the month - i've been loving this watercolor image on free people's october calendar all month long. it makes me want to pull out my watercolors and create the night away!) and block out some time for yourself to do what will make your heart shine like the light of the silvery moon!

happy full moon, darling!

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