Tuesday, October 22, 2013

playlist: short and sweet

"spiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the universe can write a new one."

do you know those days where you get the phone call you don't want to answer, the email that you weren't expecting, the text message that makes your stomach drop to the ground? yeah? me too. 

today may or may not be one of those days. maybe it's the shifting seasons. maybe it's karma. maybe it's the mercury retrograde that just kicked in. and maybe it's just life - ebb and flow, gain and loss, birth and death. change is the only constant, the thing we can absolutely count on. 

i definitely have a love/hate relationship with change (as i'm sure many of you can relate). when it's something i've planned or that i want, i'm all about it. but if it's something unexpected, i'm resistant, stubborn, and full of doubt. so what to do when i'm faced with the latter?

there's a lot of ways to work with these not-so-pretty feelings. i start with intention (of course) and my intention is to transform my uncertainty and fear into something greater, that serves, that uplifts. typically this transformation takes the shape of yoga, music, and journaling. i put together this short & sweet playlist to inspire you (and to remind myself) to embrace change with grace - so unroll your mat, grab your journal and a pen, take a deep breath and let go!

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