Wednesday, November 13, 2013

gratitude practice: day 13

anyone who knows me knows how much i love cats. and not just my two darlings, vincent and theo. i love *all* cats - big, little, tabby, grey, male, female - if it's feline, it's already won my heart. take me to a party where there's a cat and i will spend most of my time with the cat guaranteed. cats get me and i get cats. most aren't as quickly or easily won over as dogs and i respect that i have to earn their affection.

cute little grey kitty who lives down the street // joey the tail-less kitty cat!

one of my favorite things to do is to go out on a "cat walk" - aka a walk around the neighborhood to see the kitties that might be hanging around. lucky for me, there are plenty of cats in my neighborhood here in portland. today i got to meet a super sweet black and white kitty with no tail named joey. he was lounging in the sun on his porch and as we walked by i said hi to him and he trotted down the steps looking for some pets. moments like this brighten my day so much and so today i am thankful for all the kitties in my neighborhood.

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