Friday, November 22, 2013

gratitude practice: day 22

nothing makes me happier than finding an amazing new song. i love that song even more if i can fit it into one of my class playlists. i try to keep my playlists fresh - always circulating in new finds and old goodies. but sometimes i hit a rut and i can't seem to find any new music. i can spend hours looking through blogs and sampling songs on itunes and still come up empty. the music gods and goddesses must have been smiling on me today though because i found not just one but TWO songs that i'm absolutely loving and i wanted to share them with you.


first up is stars (hold on) by youngblood hawke. i found this song browsing around on itunes. once i bought it, i listened to it three times in a row (at least!) and immediately put it on my class playlist for this weekend. it's fun, upbeat, and will put a huge smile on your face.


the second song came to me while listening to the alexi murdoch (who i *love*) station on pandora. megan by anesthesia struck me right away. i just sat and listened to the beautiful melody and knew it would be perfect for a blissful savasana. onto the playlist it went!

so today i'm super grateful for these new-to-me artists and their creations that they've put out into the world. 

what song (or songs) are you totally in love with right now? 
what's your favorite song to hear in a yoga class?

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