Saturday, November 9, 2013

gratitude practice: day 9

i led two back-to-back classes this morning. i'm still getting to know the students in this community since i've only been with this studio for about a month or so. i was extra lucky this morning because one of my students from back in berkeley came to class. she was visiting friends in the area but made a point to show up on her mat, to support me in my passion. i love my new home in portland but it was so very nice to have a familiar face in class. moments like that are very affirming as i wander down this path.

even though i've been teaching now for almost five years, i still am filled to the brim with gratitude when people show up on the mat. as much as they benefit from their individual practice, their presence and energy allow me to do what i love to do. how can i *not* be thankful for that?

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