Saturday, November 23, 2013

gratitude practice: day 23

i love when someone is amazing at what they do. today jesse and i went over to the nearby macy's because they were having a sale and he was in the market for a suit (i mean if he's gonna get that pHd soon, he ought to have a proper suit, right?). neither of us really knew what to consider when picking out the perfect suit so it was slightly intimidating walking into that section of the store. when the saleswoman first approached us, we gave the standard "just looking" response. 

for your listening pleasure

after a few minutes, she chimed in again when we mentioned that maybe navy would be a good choice and ended up making a few great suggestions as well as telling us about an additional friends and family discount. not much later, jesse was trying on a couple options and ended up picking out a charcoal set that made him look oh-so-handsome. this woman was not only an expert in picking out a great suit, she did it in such a way that jesse felt really good about what he was getting and not forced into getting something just because (and that takes some skill. trust me, i've worked in retail before). so today i'm feeling thankful for diane at macy's and anyone who is awesome at what they do!

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