Thursday, November 28, 2013

gratitude practice: day 28

it's thanksgiving! today was overflowing with love and gratitude so i'm feeling thankful for all the little things that made my day so wonderful...

toasting some walnuts // prepping the stuffing // ta-da! // vincent wanting to sit at the table

a jam-packed yoga practice, led by alex at yoyoyogi. nothing better than starting the day with breath (and maybe a little bit of sweat) post-class soy green tea latte from starbucks and the baristas with the big smiles on their faces even though they were working on the holiday...wearing my new top from free people...seeing catching fire at the bagdad theater (i may have been rockin' a katniss-inspired side braid)...spending a couple hours in the kitchen, cooking up (and then eating) a thanksgiving feast for two with jesse...skyping/face-timing/texting with people that i love and letting them know that i'm thankful for them. i seriously cannot wait to visit the bay area in december and east coast in january so i can connect with some of them face to face. 

overall, it was a perfect day (maybe one of the best thanksgivings yet!) and i can't wait to spend the weekend teaching so if you're in portland/lake oswego, come take class with me!

how was your thanksgiving?

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